Our team

Comellas events was founded in 2012 by a young, dynamic and innovative team.
The aim of our company has always been to design and create a customized wedding for each couple, and we help them to make it a reality. We are their guide on what steps to follow at all times, which professionals to hire and how to execute it so that their most awaited day becomes a reality.
This is how we achieve unique and highly personalised weddings.

Mireia Comellas

Mireia is the founder of Comellas Events.

She started in 2006, organising and coordinating events, especially weddings. There she discovered her passion, realising it when she arrived home in the early hours of the morning and woke up her parents to explain how fantastic her 16-hour working day had been day after day.

After graduating in Protocol and Institutional Relations and studying several masters in event organisation and management, she received specialised training to create her own personal branding project.

Our team

In order to reach each event with the utmost dedication we form a multidisciplinary team composed of Olalla in social networks and Vero and Laia as Wedding Planners for the coordination and the day of the development of each event.

Press and sensitivity

Comellas weddings & events are solidary and aware that we want to help, taking care of the most needed and our planet, for this reason we collaborate with annual actions such as:

We are green

Both us and the suppliers we work with are fully aware of the need to avoid the use of polluting materials at events, to reduce waste and to use biodegradable materials, thus taking care of the flora and fauna of our planet. We reduce waste as much as possible and recycle all the products we use.


Our most supportive side makes us contribute annually by donating 5% of our profits to cancer research. Unfortunately, we all have someone close to us who has suffered from this disease in some way. Our annual donation is to the ICO, specifically for the cure of this disease.